Begin with just getting yourself into that meditative, quiet, heart-centered calmness that we all have inside. I even came up with — I think I came up with it, though it’s easy to imagine that it’s been done before — came up with the term “heartsmile”. So, yeah, get yourself into that heartsmile state, where you feel as you do when you are smiling and it’s really coming from your heart. Enjoy that feeling for a while, just the warmth of it, the radiating between your smile and your heart, the radiating of it out from you.

Now begin thinking of people you know, an image of each of them if you can, and as much one-at-a-time as is possible. Just keep that smile that heartsmile going and think of one person,,, then another person,,, then another person….

Notice how you begin to feel overall — maybe the smile increases, maybe the warmth increases, might even begin to call it a glow. A cumulative glow may be happening. And notice how or if your feeling of warmth and smiling and maybe even glowing maybe changes some when you come to a person with whom you’ve had some difficulty, or are having difficulty. See if you can reach a state wherein your own feeling and smiling and glowing never changes much, except to increase and expand, accepting every person and appreciating the processes that you have been through with every set of emotions that you have around your experiences with that person. Now you’re getting a grasp of the beauty and perfection of the plan you made for your life when you decided to spend it as the being you are now.

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Seeing … and Dark Matter

We are accustomed to experiencing “seeing” as something that takes place in front of us. In the true vision, we “see” everywhere, sense everywhere, because we ARE everywhere.

Like dark matter.

We are, in our whole eternal selves, perhaps like what our scientists call “dark matter” — that as-yet unexplained substance that is now known to fill what had previously been thought of as “the void” that seems to exist between the stars and planets in our galaxies and our universe. In other writings, I have suggested that dark matter is much like Love, maybe serves as a physical 3-dimensional representation to us and for us and understood now as maybe even BY us, a representation of how Love works — vibrating in and among everything that there is and all the while continuously expanding, even while holding everything that there is in connection with everything that there is.

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The New Normal

Make enthusiastic gladness the new normal. We are all co-creators — every thought, every emotion. Teach yourself to love the nasty; it changes everything.

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Superhuman Abilities

It is no accident that, in these days, there are many parallels, among reminders of the incredible extra-human and super-human abilities that humans are capable of, as they are discussed on websites that have to do with awakening and awareness and spiritual concsiousness, and the proliferation in the entertainment industry of human characters who have superhuman powers.

Somewhere, deep inside, all humans know that they are capable of much much more than what their mundane lives usually allow them to express and to create.

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To Forgive is to Absorb

That that needs to be forgiven has functioned as a goad to the ego, emphasizing something that the personality needs to recognize as not being separate from the purposes of the soul, the purposes of the personal autonymous heart.

The ultimate love, the ultimate heart, includes everything, recognizes everything as being yet another expression of the consciousness of The Source, The One Anonymous Heart. And that particular expression, that goad, is made benign by being absorbed into the awareness.

Don’t be afraid. You’re absorbing something that is part of you anyway. It was put out there for you, by you, to help you help yourself clear something up, like a catalyst to make the whole stew of you more enjoyable.

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New Earth, and New Humanity

First of all, I want to write that Dr. Joe Dispenza is spreading some of the most important information for humanity for the current era of humanity and the Earth. Many others are spreading the information as well. Joe Dispenza understands the correlations between the quantum mechanics truths of this world of ours and the human experiences that are available and possible in this world of ours.

There are many of these information spreaders who speak of The New Earth — Eckhart Tolle, Dolores Cannon, Suzanne Spooner with Ron Head…. It’s wonderful, heart-warming, heart-expanding news that this beautiful Earth of ours is getting a new, uplifted way of life, cleared of much if not all of the damage and sludge

And the import of most of the information is that there is also a New Humanity that is being developed — both in the changes of DNA that already exists in people who are living and in the DNA and energies and visions of the people that are coming into existence now and have come into existence recently.

New Earth, and New Humanity.

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If we find ourselves being troubled by what is not coming to us in some area of our lives, then we have the creative energies that are available within us moving in the wrong direction.

Focus instead on what we can give in that area of our lives and how we can help others in that area.

Creative energy likes to flow from the center along the spiral expanding outward, not back down into the center of origin.

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Not Being Stalled in Time

We have to watch ourselves, like we are the directors and script-writers of the play(s) that we are acting in, and try to be sure that all that we say and do is motivated by love for the planet and its features, and for the people and other life around us, including ourselves, in the best way.

When we are not motivated by that love, and it can take many forms, we are choosing to be stalled in the apparent time period in the evolution of our world and our humanity when motivations were otherwise.

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The Healing Torus

We can contribute energy to the process of healing this planet that we live on. The process has been going on for some time, and is intensifying now.

Locate yourself in a natural setting, away from any city or town, or if that’s not reasonable, a city park will work. Stand upright and imagine yourself being part of a vibrating strand or bolt of crystal white light that is passing completely through the Earth, something like a stationary bolt of lightning. That bolt of light is the central axis of a torus shape made of waves of golden energy that arc away from each end of the bolt and curve around the planet to meet each other, forming that torus shape. If you’re not familiar with what that shape is, it’s something like a fat donut or car tire laying flat on its side, thick and high, even higher than it’s diameter, and the hole in the middle is nearly closed, but not quite, so that hole forms something like a tube but the sides of the tube are not solid. Nothing in this torus is solid, but rather is vibrating waves of energy.

So imagine yourself as the pivoting axis of that torus of healing energy. The bolt of white light is passing through you, through all of your chakras, and through the entire planet Earth. Now rotate yourself. You can hold your arms outward if you want, or leave them at your sides, or form a point with them over your head, or just let them relax. Rotate 360 degrees one direction or the other, then rotate again in the opposite direction. Like when you were a kid and were intentionally trying to make yourself dizzy, only now do it fairly slowly. Just do these rotations slowly, and imagine the healing waves of the torus and the power of the axis of light. You can choose how many times you rotate in each direction; it’s just good to do it the same number of times to each side.

And of course, given the creative powers of human thought and mind, it’s possible to make this gesture and this contribution in our imaginations.

We’re all co-creators, and we’re in the process now of creating the new earth that has been spoken of often and is, shall we say, long-awaited. The Earth is glad that it’s happening too, and greatly appreciates people who want to contribute to this process of cleansing and healing. And don’t forget the power of your own smile.

And we can imagine surrounding this living planet Earth with love, as if we ourselves are the God that is understood in the song lyrics, “He’s got the whole world in his hands.” We really and truly do have such power.


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Our Choice of Seminars

Our lives present us with our choice of seminars.

Often in colleges, universities, students are offered a choice of seminars. A seminar — from the Latin seminarium, meaning a breeding ground or a plant nursery — is a chance for students to meet with a professor who guides discussions and considerations of some particular subject or aspects of that subject.

During our lifetimes, we are presented with a wide array of seminars. Sometimes there isn’t a particular “professor” or guide of any kind; we just choose to do something on our own and to let the experience itself be our guide, and eventually, our outcome. Sometimes we stay in a particular seminar for a long time. In some lifetimes, we choose many different seminars and change often.

We are hearing more and more frequently from “spiritual guides” that we have made our own choices about which seminars will be presented to us during a lifetime, even before we came into the incarnation. Part of what is important to learn is that whatever “seminar” of experiences we are in at the moment or have just extricated ourselves from or are about to enter, that seminar is of our own choosing and is intended as a nursery and growing plot for our soul, our higher self, our own unique expression of the One Evolving Heart.

Regardless of the content of a seminar, we chose it for its potentials to expand us. Smile about it, and be grateful for it, and for all of them, and love ourselves for having made the choice and expand and move on to the next one, or several.

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