Ego Panic Attacks

Maybe helpful to know that those panic attacks, the reasons for them, come from the ego, which is a part of the human psyche that developed eons ago for purposes of survival and protection. The ego directs us to feel fear and uncertainty so that we’ll be prepared to stay home in the cave or run away from the saber-toothed tiger.

So we have to find that place in our consciousness from where we can just watch the ego and what it is trying to do and say, yeah, okay, but I’m just fine as I am … I don’t have to protect myself any more in those ways, not with being afraid and being uncertain, but by loving and seeing and appreciating my own confidence and certainty in my abilities to adapt and handle any situation, because I’m aware of my entire soul existence. That’s all the protection and safety that I need.

Remember, that “cloud” that we talked about as a way of imagining our higher self, our soul — and it’s not a cloud like those in the sky that we can’t see through; it’s a cloud of radiating, shimmering, glowing, energy waves — that’s where we have made certain choices about the kinds of possible experiences that we’ll have in this lifetime; and it, which is really our own higher guiding self, it never gives us more than we can handle. Whatever we’re having to deal with in the present moment is exactly the right thing for us to be doing at exactly this time, helping us to develop our sense of gratitude and joy and confidence in our own unique personal strengths.

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Digital and Multi-Dimensional

The enormous range of possibilities in the digital world — the possibilities that exist now for us, we humans, we as human beings, to make changes and creations in virtual digital products such as digital photos, digital videos and animation, digital sound recordings, digital word-processing — those possibilities are an analog of what is possible for us to do in our 3-D world as creators using the multi-dimensional energies that are accessible to us as human beings who have become “aware”, and “awakened”, and “enlightened”, enlightened being a wonderful word that suggests both “filled with and surrounded by light” and “relieved of excess weight”  🙂

So next time we’re fixing up a photo digitally, even expanding it with our fingers on a touch-screen, we can use that as a reminder of how we can change our personal lives and the world around us through our expanded hearts and intuitions and consciousnesses.

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4-D Time,,, More,,, Listen to Your Heart

Okay, so we have this three-dimensional stuff all around us. It’s like our stage set, our set-up, our props. Some of the props are other people. We ourselves have chosen it all, made agreements that it would be the way that it is. It’s all like our workshop.

What we do in this workshop is process stuff. What we process is our experiences and the thoughts and emotions that we have related to those experiences, and then the experiences and thoughts and emotions that we create and have from all of that. So we need time to do all of that processing, and that’s where the fourth dimension comes in. All the props moving “forward through time” and changing “in time” as the experiences and thoughts and emotions change — that’s the fourth dimensional time feature of our existence.

And then there’s that part of us that set up all of that stuff on the stage, even created the stage, and made the agreements with the other people there on the stage. Where… in what dimension… does that part of us exist? That’s what’s most commonly called the fifth dimension and we are usually told that that sort of stuff exists outside of us, is bigger than we are, but really, it’s inside of us, most likely around the heart and the pineal gland and the fields in between. And really, those, as wonderful and generous as they are, they are just physical manifestations as focal points from the energy field that we are.  And that energy field is inside of us. It’s like string theory and M-theory in quantum physics which are saying that there are lots of dimensions of energy and potential and they are all spiralled around in some forms that are like strings. (There’s more to the theories, and it’s all still being worked out, being processed and sure, that takes time ….insert smiley face here) . The sciences are really getting a grasp on what the mystical philosophers and guides have been saying for, well, lotsa years.

So yeah, that fifth dimension is really a multiple-dimensional field of possibilities just waiting for places to focus, to be directed (hah! there’s another theater term…) into making a focal point, and that’s what quantum physics calls the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Can call it our super-consciousness, or our soul. There are lots of focal points in existence, can be called our other lifetimes, and we can intuitively visit them and exchange information with them whenever we want to, if we want to develop that intuition. And that’s going on anyway, like if this focal point, this lifetime that we are aware of here and now, has some unexplainable special talent like being able to write symphonies at age four; being super at dancing or singing without ever having any training; being able to learn and use new languages with ease.

So this is all about why we hear so often these days, and have heard often in other days but not quite in the same ways, that we create our own realities. We are really that super-consciousness which is the script writer and director of the plays that we are the actors in. And we are constantly getting directions from that director, in there in that heart-pineal intuition field.

Lotsa wisdom in that old saying — Listen to your heart.

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We are not our thoughts

We are not our thoughts

We are our hearts

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Everyone You Meet

Set yourself a chunk of time — could be an hour, could be four hours or a day, or it could be ten minutes — and plan to feel glad to see, and really feel it, glad to see each person that you meet during that time.

Find and feel a reason for being glad for encountering each person you meet during that time. Even people who are “nothing but trouble” for you are showing you something about yourself that is too attached to something, something that is probably based in your ego and not really in who you know you truly are. Be glad for meeting that person or those people because they are helping you work out your real reason for being a human being.

When your chosen chunk of time is over, choose another one, a little bit longer. Or a lot longer if you like how you dealt with that first one.


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Begin with just getting yourself into that meditative, quiet, heart-centered calmness that we all have inside. I even came up with — I think I came up with it, though it’s easy to imagine that it’s been done before — came up with the term “heartsmile”. So, yeah, get yourself into that heartsmile state, where you feel as you do when you are smiling and it’s really coming from your heart. Enjoy that feeling for a while, just the warmth of it, the radiating between your smile and your heart, the radiating of it out from you.

Now begin thinking of people you know, an image of each of them if you can, and as much one-at-a-time as is possible. Just keep that smile that heartsmile going and think of one person,,, then another person,,, then another person….

Notice how you begin to feel overall — maybe the smile increases, maybe the warmth increases, might even begin to call it a glow. A cumulative glow may be happening. And notice how or if your feeling of warmth and smiling and maybe even glowing maybe changes some when you come to a person with whom you’ve had some difficulty, or are having difficulty. See if you can reach a state wherein your own feeling and smiling and glowing never changes much, except to increase and expand, accepting every person and appreciating the processes that you have been through with every set of emotions that you have around your experiences with that person. Now you’re getting a grasp of the beauty and perfection of the plan you made for your life when you decided to spend it as the being you are now.

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Seeing … and Dark Matter

We are accustomed to experiencing “seeing” as something that takes place in front of us. In the true vision, we “see” everywhere, sense everywhere, because we ARE everywhere.

Like dark matter.

We are, in our whole eternal selves, perhaps like what our scientists call “dark matter” — that as-yet unexplained substance that is now known to fill what had previously been thought of as “the void” that seems to exist between the stars and planets in our galaxies and our universe. In other writings, I have suggested that dark matter is much like Love, maybe serves as a physical 3-dimensional representation to us and for us and understood now as maybe even BY us, a representation of how Love works — vibrating in and among everything that there is and all the while continuously expanding, even while holding everything that there is in connection with everything that there is.

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The New Normal

Make enthusiastic gladness the new normal. We are all co-creators — every thought, every emotion. Teach yourself to love the nasty; it changes everything.

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Superhuman Abilities

It is no accident that, in these days, there are many parallels, among reminders of the incredible extra-human and super-human abilities that humans are capable of, as they are discussed on websites that have to do with awakening and awareness and spiritual concsiousness, and the proliferation in the entertainment industry of human characters who have superhuman powers.

Somewhere, deep inside, all humans know that they are capable of much much more than what their mundane lives usually allow them to express and to create.

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To Forgive is to Absorb

That that needs to be forgiven has functioned as a goad to the ego, emphasizing something that the personality needs to recognize as not being separate from the purposes of the soul, the purposes of the personal autonymous heart.

The ultimate love, the ultimate heart, includes everything, recognizes everything as being yet another expression of the consciousness of The Source, The One Anonymous Heart. And that particular expression, that goad, is made benign by being absorbed into the awareness.

Don’t be afraid. You’re absorbing something that is part of you anyway. It was put out there for you, by you, to help you help yourself clear something up, like a catalyst to make the whole stew of you more enjoyable.

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