Evolution – its cause and continuation.

The date is 12-12. Twelve is an important number in many systems that have to do with some kind of power that is extra- ordinary, meaning not usually associated with humans, though as we are learning increasingly, humans have far more power than they usually think they have. 

So let’s begin using this power, since two twelves is giving us a super starting point, if we haven’t started already from some other point. Look through this life: 

Grateful for every traumatic event, every joyous event; 
Grateful for every traumatic situation, every joyous situation;  

Extremes give impetus toward a finer evolution – in individuals, in societies, in entire species, in entire galaxies. 
Evolution — small changes in momentary responses and feelings that add up to enormous changes in Life.

About wkhardy

A long-time teacher, woodworker and musician who is now writing some ideas that have incubated for forty years -- ideas about WHAT SCHOOLS REALLY SHOULD BE!!!! And now, November of 2015, I'm posting poems and song lyrics from my book -- Once There Came A Thought.
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