Evolution – its cause and continuation.

The date is 12-12. Twelve is an important number in many systems that have to do with some kind of power that is extra- ordinary, meaning not usually associated with humans, though as we are learning increasingly, humans have far more power than they usually think they have. 

So let’s begin using this power, since two twelves is giving us a super starting point, if we haven’t started already from some other point. Look through this life: 

Grateful for every traumatic event, every joyous event; 
Grateful for every traumatic situation, every joyous situation;  

Extremes give impetus toward a finer evolution – in individuals, in societies, in entire species, in entire galaxies. 
Evolution — small changes in momentary responses and feelings that add up to enormous changes in Life.

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High Blood Pressure…

I have recently felt, been shown, that high blood pressure, in general among human beings, is an effect of being a bit too much identified with the body, in the body, within the body…which is to say in other words, that we all need to be reminded, because the general level of intensity of activity around us is so high in this 3-D/4-D realm that we see ourselves in,,,,
,,, we need to be reminded that who we really are is NOT this body, not this ego, not our thoughts, not even this group of experiences that we have gathered into us during this lifetime, but rather, we are that higher, larger, heart-of-energy, spirit, soul, that has been with us through all of our lifetimes. This body and ego are only things that we are having play a part for us, a role, in this particular version of “here and now” that we see in front of us. We are only using this body for gathering experiences that we want to add to our big history of experiences that appreciate, and help to expand, the flow of life and love from the One Source, which we are all, each one of us, extensions of.
So we help the flow most when we see ourselves in this lifetime as if we are watching ourselves in a video, and we ourselves have been the writer of the script and we are also the director. And as the director, working with our higher selves as the writer, we can make changes in the scenes as we go along. And in how we are playing our role. Most effectively making those changes by changing our feelings.
Another way of thinking about — feeling, sensing, being aware of, and feeling — this concept, is what Ram Dass and others call “The Witness”. We help the flow most by being aware of ourselves as if we are witnessing all that this body and this ego experience,,, not being attached to any of it or affected in very powerful ways by any of it really, but just by seeing that, yeah, okay, that is what is happening, that is what this version of “I” is experiencing now…and seeing that it is all truly surrounded by love and light, and that it is just exactly what is the best for us at this moment, and that we don’t really have to think about how to control it. Just let it be what it is and we will know in our hearts, our intuitions, what there is to do with it, what there is to do next, or to be next. Don’t think about it. Just FEEL it, and let it develop through you.
So, yeah, just let that energy source that is the “you” in this here-and-now relax a bit, out and away from being inside the body and its consciousness, and mind, and thoughts,,, be in that place where there is feeling and seeing a bit more from your highest perspective, your highest self, your highest heart.    It’s no accident that the word “pressure” is part of the term “blood pressure”. It’s like our true energy center is being “pressed” too much into the body, and that causes pressure on and around the blood vessels, pressing on the flow of blood through those channels. So… more feeling our experiences from the perspective of the highest source, both as an individual and as a part of the timeless presence of all light and love, and less feeling those experiences from the perspective of the body/mind.
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High-Vibration … Create Your Own

Feeling low on energy?  Find a way to give something, really, from the heart, even thoughts — warm, healing thoughts, joyful thoughts, about health and beauty and laughing. It all becomes unconditional love, unconditional joy. A very high-vibrational place to be — energy flow system — because now, you’ve really opened up to receiving even more than you’re giving.

And where’s it coming from? Who’s giving it? You are … in your own creation of your own reality, your own world that is operating on a system of giving and receiving in joy.

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It’s All You

I once saw a book entitled You Are The World. I didn’t even read the book, the entire message was right there in the title.

Think about this: What you do, all that you do, you do for you and for your own universe. Think about then when you, for example, are watering the plants for your neighbor who is on vacation, or cleaning up a mess that someone else has made. Or when you’re hurting someone or someone is hurting you.

If what so many sources say is true — that everything outside of ourselves is a projection/reflection of what is inside of ourseves, even the other people who are out there, then EVERYTHING that we do affects our own specific universe, the one that we have created for ourselves in this specific lifetime focus, for the purpose of expanding our own spiritual growth. That it all appears to be outside of ourselves is that great illusion that sages and mystics have spoken of through all of the eons.

The instruction “Love yourself” takes on a very strong significance now. Loving whatever is outside of us IS loving ourselves, benefitting ourselves in profound ways, creating the experiences that our lives present to us. And the information/teaching that we can manifest what we want our worlds to be through creating the feelings of it inside of ourselves as if it already exists, makes a lot of sense. And the energy weaving through all of it is Love.

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Release The Sense of “Trouble”

While in a session of balancing a client’s body, this came through:

Release the sense of “trouble”.  All of those little stories that are going on in your life that seem to be giving you nothing but trouble — release the sense that they are trouble. Instead, find ways to love the situation — love each component of the situation and for the reasons why the situation has come to you. This movement changes the flow of the energies that you feel, changes them from negative energies that you feel are coming into you and plaguing you, to creative energies that are flowing out of you, actually being produced and directed from within you. Now, it is you who controls and benefits from the dynamics of the situation.

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Aging and Birthdays

It’s time to change our ideas and beliefs about what happens as these bodies of ours move through the “time” of these lives that we have here as human beings.

And ideas about birthdays.

So very much research now, in certain circles anyway — Dr. Joe Dispenza; Dr. Bruce Lipton; many more — showing how our beliefs, our states of consciousness, our thoughts about what we think we are subject to or victims of or affected by in our environment or in our geneology, how all of those sorts of things are absorbed by every cell in our bodies and acted upon accordingly by those cells and the bodily systems that they are part of.

We keep records and notice one day that the body that we have is forty years old and that it yeah, sure enough, displays many of the characteristics of what we have thought and have been told a forty-year-old should look like and how it should behave and feel. If, on that same day, we were to begin believing otherwise, with some other pictures and paradigms and feelings and intentions and some gladness about how well this body works and appreciation for all of the miracles that occur in all of its systems every moment, the cells would react to those thoughts and beliefs and much within the body would set out on a different course of how it manages the processing of the energies that come into every part of the body. The “aging process” that we are told to believe is going on will be noticeably and sometimes dramatically slowed, can almost stop functioning.

Change your posture. Stop believing that you need a flu shot. Stop believing that you’re going to have cancer because one of your grandparents did. Stop believing that your muscles have to become weaker with aging and that your stamina has to decrease. Change some eating habits and some exercise habits. As soon as your cells get the message about how you have changed how you think you are and how you will be becoming, they will start creating that new model of you.

And how about birthdays being celebrations of, yeah, just what the word says — the BIRTH day? Celebrate that this person was BORN! That this person is HERE, is here NOW, and that we get to live with them and they are a wonderful addition to our lives and to this human group that’s on this planet now. Never mind the number of years the person has been here. Probably just supports all the beliefs about how much the body has probably “aged” by this time.  Just make a lot of joy and gladness about that person’s life and goodness, that they were born and that they are a magnificent human being.

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Ego Panic Attacks

Maybe helpful to know that those panic attacks, the reasons for them, come from the ego, which is a part of the human psyche that developed eons ago for purposes of survival and protection. The ego directs us to feel fear and uncertainty so that we’ll be prepared to stay home in the cave or run away from the saber-toothed tiger.

So we have to find that place in our consciousness from where we can just watch the ego and what it is trying to do and say, yeah, okay, but I’m just fine as I am … I don’t have to protect myself any more in those ways, not with being afraid and being uncertain, but by loving and seeing and appreciating my own confidence and certainty in my abilities to adapt and handle any situation, because I’m aware of my entire soul existence. That’s all the protection and safety that I need.

Remember, that “cloud” that we talked about as a way of imagining our higher self, our soul — and it’s not a cloud like those in the sky that we can’t see through; it’s a cloud of radiating, shimmering, glowing, energy waves — that’s where we have made certain choices about the kinds of possible experiences that we’ll have in this lifetime; and it, which is really our own higher guiding self, it never gives us more than we can handle. Whatever we’re having to deal with in the present moment is exactly the right thing for us to be doing at exactly this time, helping us to develop our sense of gratitude and joy and confidence in our own unique personal strengths.

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Digital and Multi-Dimensional

The enormous range of possibilities in the digital world — the possibilities that exist now for us, we humans, we as human beings, to make changes and creations in virtual digital products such as digital photos, digital videos and animation, digital sound recordings, digital word-processing — those possibilities are an analog of what is possible for us to do in our 3-D world as creators using the multi-dimensional energies that are accessible to us as human beings who have become “aware”, and “awakened”, and “enlightened”, enlightened being a wonderful word that suggests both “filled with and surrounded by light” and “relieved of excess weight”  🙂

So next time we’re fixing up a photo digitally, even expanding it with our fingers on a touch-screen, we can use that as a reminder of how we can change our personal lives and the world around us through our expanded hearts and intuitions and consciousnesses.

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4-D Time,,, More,,, Listen to Your Heart

Okay, so we have this three-dimensional stuff all around us. It’s like our stage set, our set-up, our props. Some of the props are other people. We ourselves have chosen it all, made agreements that it would be the way that it is. It’s all like our workshop.

What we do in this workshop is process stuff. What we process is our experiences and the thoughts and emotions that we have related to those experiences, and then the experiences and thoughts and emotions that we create and have from all of that. So we need time to do all of that processing, and that’s where the fourth dimension comes in. All the props moving “forward through time” and changing “in time” as the experiences and thoughts and emotions change — that’s the fourth dimensional time feature of our existence.

And then there’s that part of us that set up all of that stuff on the stage, even created the stage, and made the agreements with the other people there on the stage. Where… in what dimension… does that part of us exist? That’s what’s most commonly called the fifth dimension and we are usually told that that sort of stuff exists outside of us, is bigger than we are, but really, it’s inside of us, most likely around the heart and the pineal gland and the fields in between. And really, those, as wonderful and generous as they are, they are just physical manifestations as focal points from the energy field that we are.  And that energy field is inside of us. It’s like string theory and M-theory in quantum physics which are saying that there are lots of dimensions of energy and potential and they are all spiralled around in some forms that are like strings. (There’s more to the theories, and it’s all still being worked out, being processed and sure, that takes time ….insert smiley face here) . The sciences are really getting a grasp on what the mystical philosophers and guides have been saying for, well, lotsa years.

So yeah, that fifth dimension is really a multiple-dimensional field of possibilities just waiting for places to focus, to be directed (hah! there’s another theater term…) into making a focal point, and that’s what quantum physics calls the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Can call it our super-consciousness, or our soul. There are lots of focal points in existence, can be called our other lifetimes, and we can intuitively visit them and exchange information with them whenever we want to, if we want to develop that intuition. And that’s going on anyway, like if this focal point, this lifetime that we are aware of here and now, has some unexplainable special talent like being able to write symphonies at age four; being super at dancing or singing without ever having any training; being able to learn and use new languages with ease.

So this is all about why we hear so often these days, and have heard often in other days but not quite in the same ways, that we create our own realities. We are really that super-consciousness which is the script writer and director of the plays that we are the actors in. And we are constantly getting directions from that director, in there in that heart-pineal intuition field.

Lotsa wisdom in that old saying — Listen to your heart.

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We are not our thoughts

We are not our thoughts

We are our hearts

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