We are not our thoughts

We are not our thoughts

We are our hearts

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A long-time teacher, woodworker and musician who is now writing some ideas that have incubated for forty years -- ideas about WHAT SCHOOLS REALLY SHOULD BE!!!! And now, November of 2015, I'm posting poems and song lyrics from my book -- Once There Came A Thought.
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11 Responses to We are not our thoughts

  1. rz says:

    Saw the flyer in Eriksberg,svamptorget…

    when i began to feel differently i also began to Think differently. so thoughts and hearts are inextricably linked. we are not our thoughts. everywhere in the ancient World the heart where seen as the seat of inteligence. for every thought there is an emotional correspondence.

    i Believe that we are under a multidimensional spell that is almost next to impossible to break in our current state of being due to its enormous complexity.
    ever since we were put under hypnosis at the begining of what we see as time its Always been about reinforcing that dumbed down state trough ritual renewal … but how and why?

    my intreprations after Reading the the content on oneballmedia.com is summarised in the below text ..

    I that the fourth dimensional conspiracy originated from Sumer and Babylon. The mechanics of the conspiracy has to be reacted and reinforced yearly and officially presented with the presence of one or many pied pipers of occult significance. Basically we are being conned into taking part into rituals that will spiritually enslave us and give a force from another dimension the right to rule over and gain license to dictate our reality both on an individual level and collective level. Sadly it was made to happen through our own consent. I believe we came from an ontological ground state were everything happens at once and from that perspective we know everything, all aware and in that place there really isn´t anything outside of us that is not a part of us. We came here to experience life by forgetting who we are.

    We did not come here to learn anything as some religious scriptures claim. We are stuck into a loop of birth and re birth due to our never ending alignment towards sun and serpent rituals of worship.
    The new world order has always existed and the final phase is trying to force us accepting the microchip, if and once that happens we will always be a pity in the hands of the selected few because the greatest danger with that chip is not the information that goes to a world databank from you but the information coming the other way around to influence you. The michroship or its symbolic equalent represents our total and complete spritual surrender.(they wont need our free will at that stage,so their “JEWISH and secret society Alliance will be stript of their slighty increased intelligence . They will be left to DIE as anybody else since thier middleman role wont be needed anymore. /lets continue… High level freemason´s at the very top of the pyramid is channeling information from a malicious conscious entity of the lower fourth dimension within a place of higher awareness. And in so doing receives instructions on as how to proceed their reign over us. They tell the selected few which are a part of an selected bloodlines what to do.

    You need to realize that you are immortal consciousness , and that you along with all other beings in this earth are creators of the creation by a process called cosmic democracy.
    • Which states what the majority of the collective consciousness think they get-they get(becomes our reality).

    • Whenever you observe or think or feel your soul release an energy that acts as a tool of creation. You can´t see this energy at work, because we´ve been programmed to not decode it, it works just like our money currency. You pick a thing you want to buy then you pay for it, this energy is symbolic for your spiritual approval. Thus anything you direct your energy at will have your manifestation approval.

    What the entities from a another dimension has done is to design an con trick to lure us into worshipping them, They have done exactly that by cultivating us since the dawn of the civilization, they create symbolism and sacred geometry and then proceed to put it in our world…THEY HAVE MAID SURE THAT ANYTING YOU DIRECT YOU ATTENTION AT bares their symbolism…from the designs of buildings to giving celebrities occult names so they transforms into portable occult deities. Imagine that we are dealing with a magician who are hypnotizing us and con us to direct our energy on symbols and geometry …to gain all our energy they would have to infest all directions of our life´s doings…be it religion,sex, education,government,sports and so on and so forth, Everything we do is initially connected to esoteric symbolism. So we end up giving them all of our energy that they can use to enslave us because of our ignorance of the consequences of taking the oaths/rituals.

    Energy trough Mankind’s free will” is the most powerful energy (symbolically speaking) and it empowers things in ways that we can’t even begin to imagine. We are coded to not perceive it, and that very same energy is created and emitted every time you think of something or feeling emotional about something the stronger the emotion the stronger the energy! .

    Emotional/thought energy directed towards someone will always convert to spiritual energy. the human is race is connected to a hive mind on sub consciousness level and one of the rules of creation is spiritual democracy -which goes by what the majority of masses think will in turn become our official reality – weather, laws of science and life spans are merely a projection of what the majority of the masses think it is ´- what we think we get we get!

    we create our shared reality-on an individual level we create our life’s meetings and events in small individual groups were all what the individuals want to experience will be meet in a subconscious mode-the subconscious memory of having planned the situations in beforehand eventually disappears leaving us with new full born experiences in this virtual reality made up of thought forms. Sadly this only applies when our subconsiousness are free to operate freely, a conscious entity from another dimension has blocked our wires to accessing the all-knowing computer if you like, they have done that by placing sacred geometry and symbols of their creation in our world -all the myths and religions is linked to the creation of the sun. The Fourth Dimensionell entities has conned us to create their reality trough the manipulation of the human collective subconscious. The freemasonic community only requires you to believe in a supreme being that is because high officials of freemasonry knows that all religious scriptures and myths are all sub- consciously associated and linked to the sun and the official creation story of the world. Do you think it’s a coincidens that both the muslim and christian faith end their prayers in honours of Amen/amun/amen-ra? Worship the sun equals worshipping its creator. For example the sun was born from the infinite chaos of water personified by the being nun(nun was pictured as a serpent/reptile thus nun created the sun). Holly-wood is an energy extraction program where celebrities become living monuments and in so doing conned into being indirect agents for the enslavers. They make sure that every new celebrity is advertised with their occult symbolism when they are officially presented to the world.

    Consider that we live in a self created matrix.

    Imagine that all of existence is in a timeless and everlasting computer of consiousness where all potenssials in the existence resides .Now imagine that in one potensial expression within all others -allows that allknowing consiousness to defragment itself into compartilized pecies that can forget all other potensials.these limited potensials are connected to the main computer (the allknowing state where theres nothing outside of you that is not a part of you) trough internet cables which allows the main computer to filter the allknowing potensials going into the cables and reaching the smaller computers/defragmentions=which consitutes the collective id and the cosmic laws..and from there imagine those defragmentionts splitting into even lesser ones which consitutes the souls or ip adress of each indivudals. All-knowing computer-collective id-ip id (there are many cables with diffrent lesser computers that splits and consitutes diffrent collective gruops(diffrent interminesional races)

    ps! the computer analogy is a metaphore for consciousness

    The human race is connected to a subconsiousness hive mind that understands symbolism on a far greater level than our current everyday consiousness does.Matters isnt helped by us being manipulated by a interdimensional force that has conned us to accept thier symbolism under false pretenses, They con us to participate in rituals that carries symbolism that we dont understand therefore we have to suffer the consequences of the rituals and their meanings..
    We give our right to be the ruled to those manipulators becuse the rituals has a binding effect on our soul and connect us to their creation script.

    As far as the reptilians are concerned…

    Is it possible prior to the manipulation that a portal linking all multidimensions was open. If that was ever the case consider that some beings inhabitating a dimension with high awareness decided to imprison beings which in that particular time just happend to experience life in a lower dimension. So imagine the aliens somehow designed a plan which function would serve to disconnect the human beings from accesing the portal and that they where succesful.After that they used the portal to send complex toughtforms from thier collective mind unto earth in the projection of gods to serve as a middleman to the aliens. These complex “archons” presented us with scriptures that fooled us to believe that reptilians created us and the solar system and becuse they appeared in superious form we had no other choose than to accept their version of events as being true. Could it be that due to some univeral laws that has to be followed like for example the “the law of free will” which is essential to any creation proccess. They Had to implant those ideas as being true in our collective subconsiousness in order to align our hive mind to their creation script and create the outcome of what the scriptures describe. Only when the scriptures was accepted in the majority of the collective subconsiousness did we manifest the reality according the scriptures in which they where the rulers over us.

    Could that explain why they are not walking on planet earth since they wouldnt get our free will if they ruled us by force?

    Could that be the case why they formed a brotherhood between them and a few selected bloodlines which carried out the manipulation on thier behalf.

    Could that be the case why we are fooled to participate in rituals disguised as everday events- becuse they need to renew their contract ownership over our souls continously?

    please acquaint yourself with the content on oneballmedia. if you feel a pang in your chest then you will feel like you have not felt in several lifetimes…


  2. dammagez says:

    you claim you want truth but you deny it when you recieve it. you falsely proclaim that you appeal to those who questions the fabrics of reality yet you censor and remove comments . your post about schools and prisons gave me hope you were diffrent, but turns out youre just Another new agey put the Candles up your ass type of guy, or a lad who have been intiatied into the secret mysteries, if you happen to be that , dont be suprised when the new jerusalem temple youre building in your heart gets completly destroyed one day and it will i mean its a cheap price to pay in juxtaposition to the order out chaos narrative that have inflicted so much misfortune and misery upon mankind. i will get back to svamptorget and i will rip your fraud flyer in pecies .

    have a happy Life in the prison cell , or shouldi say prison cells? becuse i assure you live in many .

    • wkhardy says:

      I’m so sorry that you react this way. In what you write to me, I hear the voice of fear. I assure you that the darkness that you write about has existed and is still trying to win, but it cannot. There is too much light here now. Each of us gets to choose which we will respond to. I am glad that you agree with me about schools. That is a good example that you are also aware of the light that is here. For me, the light is so much stronger than the darkness that I know that the darkness has no chance. Candles up my ass? Been initiated into the mysteries? All I know and feel and live is what is Truth for me, based on experiences and intuition. And those leave me with no fear of reptilians or the other groups that you have mentioned.
      I am 69 years old, and the man who wrote the poster that you want to rip up is 29 years old. We want to have discussions of the issues and energies that humanity is living with now. If you would like to join us, we are open to every viewpoint.

      • dammage says:

        its the voice of passion rather than fear, and i wouldnt ever join a fraud Group who are not intrested in changing the World with straight talk and straight actions. this opposition of ligth vs dark that you speak of is the oldest scam engrained in the fraud Blueprint as i call it. every damn religion of the World has promoted it and every secret society to!
        so its already approved by the he majority of the collective consiousness.
        the evil notion that light and dark has to coexist with eachother and that conflict has to exist down at sub Atomic level or our World would cease to exist as we know it is there to justify the corruption as something that is normal. for your information the light and dark narrative is two sides of the same coin. the devil and and god are two archetypes created by the same force in order to execute its own agenda. this force plays the chaos and it also plays the order. it plays the hero who slays the chaos monster and it plays the chaos monster to. i meet many so called people who speak in terms of duality and use light vs dark ideologies not knowing how the collective conscsiousness has been duped into worshipping the same forces in doing so trough mny many diffrent means.

        and for your information i have already ripped apart the flyer in Eriksberg and the one in Gottsunda. i want nothing to do with airy fariy Groups. i hope you have many happy lives in the fabrics of “reality”.

    • wkhardy says:

      And a further reply to you — I removed your comment from my blog because there is so much fear in what you wrote. But you’re right — if I’m genuinely searching for the truth, I need to allow any and all comments to be posted on my blog. I was prepared to respond to comments such as your in the meetings that we are trying to organize, but I wasn’t expecting to find such comments on my blog. But now, I will do everything that I can to find a way for WordPress to restore your original comment to my page. Thank you for joining in to this conversation.

  3. wkhardy says:

    “That to which attention is paid grows and flourishes”.

    RZ, Dammage, I’m aware of all those things that you wrote about, and that are written about on the oneball website. I know they’ve had their effects among humanity. I just think and feel that their time has come and gone, is going, and we can let them just fade away. As long as we are aware of them, we don’t really need to give them energy any longer. Just keep cleaning up after them and continue making it possible for human beings to be all that we can be, and have a healthy planet too.
    And I only use the terms “light” and “dark” because they seem to be in common usage, they’re an easy reference.

    The quote is from Jacob Moreno. It’s a principle that he saw working in societies and inside people, and it shows up as the quantum physics uncertainty principle in which particles don’t exist until an observer looks for one, and there are many physicians who are now understanding how people can heal themselves through being aware of which emotions and thoughts they choose to pay attention to — to focus energy into.

    • dammage says:

      i do now for certain that time is not temporarily ordered never has been, the river of time is a construct that we are fooled to abide to by the rituals that we partake in.

      what looks us to time is ultimately us. we can free ourselves form its prisoning ramifications.

      try to liken the universe with all its inherent energies and potenials expressions as a fully painted painting signed with the initials of the human race. then try to imagine a cunnig force force erasing the intials of the human race and putting its own intials on the painting by proclaiming it as such to the majority of the collective consiousness – thus all energy that humans emit goes to them , becuse our subconsiousness interept it as they are the creators of of Everything in motion including us. they get us to Think them up as our creators . its the greatest con ever invented. our subconsiounsess our manipulated to create a reality script that supports then as rulers over us.

      what i have written above is the reason for the construct of alpha and omega.

      hence the the begining of time with the dinsouars as the first offical inhabitants of planet Earth….. the first genesis etc…

      we created a mean to travel interdimensionally trough our thoughts , we thought up the means to enter planet earth and we thought up a means to exit planet Earth to return were we orgiginally came from. the frausters has hijacked those means so it leads us to their dimensions upon Death, and usually we are recycled unless youre a high intiate , who exists in some of thier higher realms. andplease do not mistake those higher realms low level stuff as shamballa or the new jersulaem messiah concept here.

      the uncertainty is the chaos domain doing its impressions on the orderly domain.

      only the chaos realms can do Changes in alpha and omega. otherwise its fixed destinies for folks. but not for those who are awakening such as myself and others. they see these frausters for what they are. i have made direct Changes trough my mind that you wouldnt Believe if i told you but thats Another story..

      this planet does as it inhabitans wants it to do
      we get what we Think we get !

      i gurantee you that you dont know everything that is said on oneball unless you have read all the materials..

      the World is on the brink of destruction, yet you Think people are awakening. a third of the World is starving and Another of the third lives poorly. if you are falling for the idea that we are more enlightend than we ever were and that we are progressing at an ever increasing rate then think again becuse the the decepetive forces have even higher technology and they both to maximaze their enslavement over us by putting them together.

      if you have windows 10 then you have to buy a new computer to run it yes?

      our outdated technology has to be updated when deceptive forces update thier own technology or else they wouldt be compatible with eachother…

      Thinks are only getting worse…. some forces are trying to change it. but they can only help people who wants help for reasons tied to free will.

      perosonally i Think your extremly deluded by thinking they way you do but good luck to you anyways .


  4. wkhardy says:

    Thanks for ALL of your comments rz. I can say that I agree with nearly all of them, and that’s good. I’m sorry that there seemed to be a misunderstanding in the beginning, because I think that ultimately, you and I are “on the same side”, if I can use that metaphor. And thanks for suggesting that I might be deluded, it never hurts to be reminded to stay watchful and discerning. As I said, I’m very close to being seventy years old and have been searching around and living through a lot of this stuff and beyond for most of those years. I’ll keep on with what I’ve discovered and developed and see where it all takes me. Thanks for wishing me luck, and I wish you all the best on the paths that you choose as well.

    • dammage says:

      at 28 years of age i havent lived nearly enough to acquire your knowledge,that said i dont believe that wisdom have to correlate to temporal frameworks. just try to remember two things.

      1. there wont be an everlasting happy messiah period for the intiaties at the end of times, furthermore things will get considerable worse in every aspect of life for normal folks alike.
      when the tptb agenda has runned full circle, rituals and free will wont be needed anymore becuse we would have given away our souls forever and our comforts will be taken away from us. there will only be death anf famine and undescribale control and misery. as matt said he wouldnt trade a bucket full of piss and shit for the future of the human race and neither would I.

      remember that everyone deserves freedome, it doesnt matter if one hapens to be an initiate or not. the truth does not discriminate but it cannot help blach hearts and those who dont want it from the heart. but reading your stuff and sensing your energy trough the noframtion you have relayed, i dont believe you have a black heart so please please heed the call and jump on board while you still can is the best advice i can give you.

      maybe its not a coincidens tht our paths crossed trough our exchange of ideas and thoughts, i know that i show the universe my heart in doing so and maybe, the universe lead me to you trough your hearts wishes…in wanting to know the truth. i dont want to sound a bigot or something, trust me i know next to nothing about everything im just a bumbling shithead. so please dont get the wrong idea, but i believe that the person whom i informed you about and the site he has does infact represent forces of truth and the truth itself.

      whatever you decide i wish you best of luck once again


  5. wkhardy says:

    Just a couple more comments rz…
    Information that I have heard from sources of “truth” that resonate with me most at this time in this lifetime of mine, say that yeah, you are right about the apparent future for humanity looking like nothing but shit. And it really is gonna be tough for people, especially in your age group, because it’ll look like every system that’s in place for life to be good or even decent is going to go to crap, and a lot of nasty stuff is likely to scramble around trying to replace those systems, for purposes of personal gain.
    But there have been enough people who have made shifts in their awareness and in their overall consciousness that some general shifts have started to occur, and that we’re in the middle now, in 2018, of a 36-year time of change that humanity itself has set in motion because of those shifts in consciousness. There were a lot of dire predictions for catastrophes that would happen in the year 2000, but none of them happened, because enough people had changed their consciousnesses. Yeah, there was that Twin Towers in New York City disaster that happened in 2001, another attempt to scare us all, but a lot of people figured that out pretty quickly.
    So, yeah, another approximately eighteen years of some pretty shitty things happening are ahead of us. The hard work is gonna be keeping the vision that we — and I know you have such a vision of your own, or that fine passion and willingness to “rise against” that you have shown would not exist in you — the hard work is going to be keeping that vision of how fine life on planet Earth and even elsewhere can truly be.
    And the sources that I’ve heard say that when just one-half of one percent of the human population of Earth manages to change their consciousness into the areas of altruism and generosity and turns away from motivations that are based on nothing but personal gain and survival, then that shift will take place in all of humanity. You may have heard of the Hundredth Monkey Effect. You may have heard of quantum entanglement. When enough individuals in any kind of group take on the same kind of aspects, a so-called “critical mass” is reached and then all of the members of the group take on those same aspects.
    So yeah, you’re right, it’s all very likely to get worse before it gets better. But it’s part of a necessary process for cleaning out, clearing away, the people and groups and systems that are living with greed and personal gain as their motivations. Another eighteen years or so of the cleansing process. But a lot of good changes have already taken place, for example, every country that it applies to now has a ban on killing whales. Several wealthy individuals in the world have set up systems for getting clean water and electricity to remote villages in Africa and other parts of the world where it’s very hard to live. There really are some nasty trends in the world now, but there are some very hopeful trends going on as well.
    It makes me glad when I meet people like you, in your general age group, who have the kind of passion and awareness that you have, because I can see that the changes that people like me, in my general age group, have been fighting for since the 1960’s, that those changes really do have a good chance of happening. So, thanks for all that you are contributing.

    W K Hardy

    • dammagez says:

      what shifts are you talking about. do you mean ones where the individuals are free and indepandant from the state and the rules that they have abide to? do you mean they dont have to pay taxes? do you mean they can decide not to let thier Children into the school rooms ? becuse in many parts of the World its still a felony to oppose the government in those issues. do you mean we can exert our influences on our sourroundings as we see fit? can we bend the natural laws and manifest our thoughts as gods?
      our kids are more controlled than ever, just walk around Town on any given day and you would see that thier smart phones and all the symbology and hypnosis media they get trough it run thier lives. if your honest bud you know that we already have a half procent of the population dedicating its Life to altruism, but it makes no difference becuse they fail to raise their awareness in ways that allows them to see how parasitic force hijack thier good will and intentions in order to use it against them.furthermore it makes no diffrence if we are attacking the leaves of the parasitic tree instead of attacking the root of the very same tree becuse the serpent would only replace the broken leaves with much stronger leaves. I Mean there are many organisations that are dedicated to save animals and help the poor – and many people subscribe into these . did you know that the Queen of England is the head (the patron) of 800+ charities? an example …

      did you know when you connect to a Charity such as the red cross you are approving the bloodlines of reptilian beings and giving them your love? did you know when you worship a bloodline member of royality you worhsip the reptilians becuse the Royals are midddleman agents trough the priniciple of divine right to rule?

      thats why things never Changes on the planet our good will and intentions are hijacked by branding any seemingly positive organisation with symbology that represents our enslavers….

      “If the collective subconscious human mind does create the physical reality of the human race, which I believe it does, and symbols trigger and affect the collective subconscious, then it is surely the truth and nothing but truth, that whomever controls the act of locating and the displaying of symbols on this planet not only controls our lives, it controls our entire spiritual destiny”.

      Matthew Delooze 20/01/12”

      that quotecoantians more wisdome than an entire libary can offer you…

      there is also a virus that humanity dont acknowledge, and that is the bitter truth that humanity is addicted to duality and conflict to spice up thier lives. when they turn inside for guidance they dont find any, they are spiritully empty, so they are bribed into partcipating into conflict and duality to achieve status and climb the careeer ladder.we are addicted to get our fix of conflict dose trough the Movies we Watch and trough the novels we read trough the class rooms (grades)
      trough sports etc…
      this is the serpents way of bribing humanity to participate , we feel empty if dont ,and we programmed to feel slightly less empty if we do. but some people , sadly very few – are getting sick of the prison and they want a way out.

      when we create ladder of ranks that allows us to see us as superior to our next kin, we allow Another force the approval to see us as inferior to thier superiority.

      the serpent cannot do to us what we dont intially do to ourselves on Earth.

      we raise cattle , that allows the serpent to use us as cattle.
      we create academics that look down on the educated and we create Labour guys that looks down ón the academics. we are manipulated to create the energy of inferiority within ourselves so the serpent can use that particualr type of energy against us.

      we have the poor who desire to be rich – its the poor who create the energy of the rich guys not the rich themselves – that very same energy that the elite take advantage of and use against the poor whilst at the same time making themselfes richer.

      criminals are programed to steal and kill, that allows the serpent to use that energy against us aswell, not only that we have collectviley decided that these gods are to be without karma so they dont recieve any unlike us.

      again matthew mentioned a quote that goes something like this “the serpent cannot do to us what we dont do to ourselves” this quote is Worth is weight in gold imo.

      we are gods and a society that offer anything less is nothing to strife for or uphold

      only a slave who dont percieve that he´s in chains want to remain a slave.

      initiates hearts are possesed to a higher degree than normal folks so they cannot feel a strong urge to be free, it is alot harder for them, they are addicted to duality. that said its not impossible=)

      we differ in opinion and expectations. we are not very that much a like. but what we do have in common is good hearts=)

      i wish you a fruitful path that can manifest all you desire. nothing wrogn that if no one else gets hurt so why not=)

      take care of yourself bud.

      i dont Believe you want to be free as in wanting the truth, but you can still aquire your pursuit of what you see as freedom and happiness nevertheless.

      take care of your self bud.


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