Scirocco Maps

Once maybe twice I had a dream.
What do shadows between sand dunes mean?
Dark orange waves beckon me.
And ten thousand people crawling on their knees.

They hear:    Tai ti ti   Tai ti ti   Tai ti ti   Tai Tai Tai

A broken clock was all that I could find.
Patterns changing with or without time.
We heard, without voice, in our minds.
And ten thousand people stand and begin to shine.

They hear:   Tai ti ti   Tai ti ti   Tai ti ti   Tai Tai Tai

Now the maps only show us where we’ve been.
So we ride the spiral up and around again.
Another dream, new patterns in the sand.
And ten thousand people walking hand in hand.

And they sing:   Tai ti ti   Tai ti ti   Tai ti ti   Tai Tai Tai


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About wkhardy

A long-time teacher, woodworker and musician who is now writing some ideas that have incubated for forty years -- ideas about WHAT SCHOOLS REALLY SHOULD BE!!!! And now, November of 2015, I'm posting poems and song lyrics from my book -- Once There Came A Thought.
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