I’ve learned that the forest has much to do with trees.
I’ve never met a puzzle that has just one piece.
The city lies among its streets and avenues.
And all those paths in the darkness have led me to you.

Have you done something once, the second time is never
quite the same.
But as the saying goes — Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Quantity, quality, there’s always so much to choose….
I see nothing that was wasted — it all just led me to you.

In the time before the dawn, the atmosphere is cool and clear.
Not so many words now, the music is all I hear.
No limit to the ways twelve notes can make something new.
And all the notes that I hear make a picture of you.

About wkhardy

A long-time teacher, woodworker and musician who is now writing some ideas that have incubated for forty years -- ideas about WHAT SCHOOLS REALLY SHOULD BE!!!! And now, November of 2015, I'm posting poems and song lyrics from my book -- Once There Came A Thought.
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