Seeing … and Dark Matter

We are accustomed to experiencing “seeing” as something that takes place in front of us. In the true vision, we “see” everywhere, sense everywhere, because we ARE everywhere.

Like dark matter.

We are, in our whole eternal selves, perhaps like what our scientists call “dark matter” — that as-yet unexplained substance that is now known to fill what had previously been thought of as “the void” that seems to exist between the stars and planets in our galaxies and our universe. In other writings, I have suggested that dark matter is much like Love, maybe serves as a physical 3-dimensional representation to us and for us and understood now as maybe even BY us, a representation of how Love works — vibrating in and among everything that there is and all the while continuously expanding, even while holding everything that there is in connection with everything that there is.

About wkhardy

A long-time teacher, woodworker and musician who is now writing some ideas that have incubated for forty years -- ideas about WHAT SCHOOLS REALLY SHOULD BE!!!! And now, November of 2015, I'm posting poems and song lyrics from my book -- Once There Came A Thought.
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