To Forgive is to Absorb

That that needs to be forgiven has functioned as a goad to the ego, emphasizing something that the personality needs to recognize as not being separate from the purposes of the soul, the purposes of the personal autonymous heart.

The ultimate love, the ultimate heart, includes everything, recognizes everything as being yet another expression of the consciousness of The Source, The One Anonymous Heart. And that particular expression, that goad, is made benign by being absorbed into the awareness.

Don’t be afraid. You’re absorbing something that is part of you anyway. It was put out there for you, by you, to help you help yourself clear something up, like a catalyst to make the whole stew of you more enjoyable.

About wkhardy

A long-time teacher, woodworker and musician who is now writing some ideas that have incubated for forty years -- ideas about WHAT SCHOOLS REALLY SHOULD BE!!!! And now, November of 2015, I'm posting poems and song lyrics from my book -- Once There Came A Thought.
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